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The best Netflix miniseries offer concise yet powerful stories that can keep viewers hooked, from the captivating The Queen's Gambit to the award-winning Beef.
The cause of lupus has long escaped doctors trying to treat the autoimmune disease. However, a study published this week identified a cause of lupus based on molecular defects in
WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — With the excessive heat the region has been experiencing lately, the Red Cross has been seeing a disincentive for donors to step outdoors and head to a donation
The Circle K gas station that recently reopened in Wilson claims two distinctions: North Carolina’s largest collection of public electric vehicle chargers and the state’s only Krystal hamburger
It's been the hottest summer on record at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and there are more places in North Carolina close to joining that club.
A young sea creature was spotted swimming off the California coast after surviving an orca attack, “epic” video shows. Fresh wounds that look like teeth marks are clearly visible on what remains of
Therapist Saydi Shumway had her plate full with kids, work, church responsibilities, and everything else in between. “How can we take something else on?” the
Craig Bellamy has secured his “ultimate” dream job – as manager of Wales.The 44-year-old turned down the chance to continue his coaching role at Burnley, to step up to his first number one position.A
A young cat took a wrong turn and ended up on the interstate in southern Colorado.The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) said a kitten found himself in the middle of Interstate 25 in
Off the coast of India, anglers hauled up their fishing nets and caught a 1-foot-long creature. The deep-sea predator had “large” eyes and rows of teeth. It turned out to be a new species. Scientists
It's shorts season (when is it not?), but it can be so tough to find a pair you love. Well, let us take the helm and solve your summer wardrobe conundrum with some of the best Amazon deals on shorts.
It’s safe to say that most of us have been to a water park, a splash pad, or a swimming pool, right? When the weather is warm, it’s one of the best ways to cool off, especially if you have little
A bobcat kitten found causing havoc on the front porch of a Texas home was in need of help, according to police. Animal control officers in Round Rock — a community about 20 miles north from downtown
As the water receded with the tide from the mouth of two creeks in Taiwan, the gravelly bottom came into view. With just a few inches of water between the sediment and the air, researchers spotted
Major League Baseball could test robot umpires as part of a challenge system in spring training next year, which could lead to regular-season use in 2026."I said at the owners meeting it is not
The hilarious moment a Great Dane tried to take on a tiny bird has gone viral online, leaving his owners second-guessing his protective instincts.In a TikTok video posted by @titan.thegreatdane, a
After a rare weekend off, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns for its summer slate of events as the promotion travels to Ball Arena in Denver, Colo. In the main event, former two-time
A 50-year-old firefighter named Corey Comperatore was killed during a shooting at a Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday. Comperatore was killed by diving on his family to protect them
By Ted HessonSAN DIEGO (Reuters) - One of America's most valuable defenders against fentanyl trafficking at the Mexico border uses his nose to root out illicit drugs, an old-school technique that

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