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‘On a technological level, one of the most interesting things happening in the world today is the introduction of artificial intelligence [AI] in the field of medicine, with tools like
All 24 participating teams have confirmed their squads for UEFA EURO 2024, which kicks off on Friday, June 14, and runs until July 14. This is according to the final update made on Friday on the EURO
Molecules from the bodies of extinct species including the woolly mammoth and giant sloth have been resurrected and found to fight infections.In an effort to discover new antibiotics, scientists used
While the College World Series is in full swing in Omaha, so is college baseball’s transfer portal. Some big names have entered in recent weeks, with some already finding new homes. Players have
"No-kill" animal shelters simply embrace the philosophy that healthy and treatable animals should not be killed when there are alternatives available to save them. Yet misperceptions
What happens when you pair honeybees and halitosis? Potentially a life-saving new method to screen for cancer, according to one study.Researchers at Michigan State University have learned that
GREG COTE’S HOT BUTTON TOP 10 (JUNE 16): WHAT IN SPORTS HAS GRABBED US THIS WEEK: Our Sunday Hot Button Top 10 had been blog-only but when our blog retired it moved, re-imagined, to online-only. HB10
A young cat ended up at an Oregon hospital, where X-rays revealed something lodged in his nose. The kitten, named Kevin, “didn’t really want to eat and was doing this extra hard gagging for a few
Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. For more than a year, visitors at the Museum of
In 2019, researchers announced the discovery of an unusually resilient person — a Colombian woman who carried a ticking time bomb in her genes that should have triggered an aggressive, early form
Kehlani is putting her money where her mouth is after supporting Palestine in her music video for “Next 2 U.” The performer raised over $555,000 in aid for Gaza, Sudan, and Congo with merch from the
There's nothing like a quick Starbucks run in the middle of a ho-hum day to invigorate the soul. Sweet Pea the Cockatoo agrees, which is why her mom takes her along and treats the bird to her
Nobody has balanced crowd-pleasing blockbusters and successful prestige dramas like Steven Spielberg. We are here to deliver not the Gettysburg Address but 20 facts you might not know about
The Texas family, who owns a taekwondo dojo, held the alleged assailant down until police arrivedA family of taekwondo instructors in Texas helped stop a man allegedly attempting to assault a woman
DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – Nine people were rescued off a sinking boat on Candlewood Lake Saturday, according to Danbury fire officials. Fire officials said Danbury and Brookfield received a request
EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Schools are closed for Summer, which means so are cafeterias – cutting off food access for kids who depend on those meals throughout the year. Starting Wednesday,
Thirty birds, four dogs, one bull, and one pony were removed from a school bus and trailer in Adams County over the weekend, according to the SPCA. Eastern Adams
Rorschach's popularity stems from his unhinged nature, meant to reflect trauma with every other observation or line of dialogue. Leading to some incredible
The Lake County Sheriff's Office is counting down to its annual Project Kid Connect Backpack and School Supply giveaway.On Saturday, July 13, students will receive a free backpack filled with

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